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Is the app Free to use?

Of course, It is free to watch countless movies, and TV series online on our site. Anyone can join this streaming site for free. In short, you don’t even need to pay any charges for a subscription. All you have to do is to download our app and start enjoying super exciting movies with your friends & family.

High Quality

We always believe in quality not quantity and provide our users with streaming services of high quality. So avail this super exciting and non-stop opportunity.

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Wanna know more! Through this amazing app, you can get HD movies/shows also on your big screen. This is where it comes. Now enjoy your favorite shows/movies on Smart TVs, like Chromecast with the Fmovie apk.

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Why to use this App?

  • HD Quality
  • Countless movies/tv shows
  • Unlimited Access
  • Regular and daily Updates
  • Support services
  • IMDB rankings

Refresh yourself by watching hundreds of super amazing online movies without any pause. Watch countless movies/tv shows and swing your unhappy mood.
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Prime Features of Gomovies apk

It offers numerous exciting features that you'll have access to after you sign up.


Now you can also easily watch top IMDB ranking movies. You can also find which content is most popular and trending on IMDB. It also has an option to watch trailers on the detailed screen of the movie/series.


Search for more than 50K+ shows, movies, series, as well as various entertainment programs. Browse with multiple categories like Cinema, featured TV shows & much more. Explore more with distinct filters from the current year to the late 90s.


We offers you multinational content in different countries like Korea, USA, UK, Asia, Thailand, etc & Genre like Thriller, comedy, romance, Adventurous, & Animation, etc.


Get insight into the detailed information of a movie/shows to know which characters played their roles in the success of the specific show/movie. In a nutshell, you can view a complete list of all the series and films of any specific actress/actor.


It has a good user interface to save favorite content to your favorite list to watch later. Here, you can manage your favorites on multiple devices as it saves synced your favorite on the Cloud Base system.
Keep track of your watch history and continue watching from where you left off.


If you have a connection of Chromecast device with a TV, then it will detect it itself and connect to it after your confirmation. Once it’s connected, you'll be able to watch your favorite shows & movies on your big screen also without any pause.

Seamless Watch Experience

Enjoy watching stuff with powerful player

Switch between different quality options as per you need

Enjoy captions in multiple languages

Powerful volume and brightness controls

General Questions

Is this app safe to use?

What is Gomovies MOD APK?

Is mod apk safe?

We’re not guaranteeing the safety of any kind of mod APK because these mod APKs are not linked directly or indirectly with the official app. So, in a nutshell, It's highly discouraged to download any sort of mod APKs if you're really concerned about your data security and privacy.

Does Yesmovies content also available on our app?

Absolutely, our application has a huge collection of stuff that other streaming platforms like yesmovies have. It offers a striking amount of programs to stream for free, forever & for everyone. We offers you multinational content in different countries like Korea, USA, UK, Asia, Thailand, etc & Genre like Thriller, comedy, romance, Adventurous, & Animation, etc.

Is our app legal?

App is 100 % legal on every region but there might be some possibilities, app is restricted to use on some regions. So if your region doesn't allow using of such kind of sites, please stay away and do not use it.

We respect every law specially Copyright law. If you have any kind of concerns regarding copyright law, please read more about our DMCA and Copyright policy.

Does our application contain ads?

What sort of movies/series our site has?

Our website offers a striking amount of programs to stream for free, forever & for everyone. After downloading and signing up for our app, you'll have access to a vast collection of super exciting shows, tv series, and Play dramas and movies having different categories like Action, Comedy, KungFu, Drama, Sports, Documentary, Romance, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, War and many more.

How our application is better than Netflix or other paid streaming platforms?.

Netflix is actually a video streaming service provider that gives a considerable variety of award-winning TV Dramas, movies, Shows, anime, documentaries, and more. But, to enjoy this streaming platform, you have to pay a certain amount of money. On the other hand, there are a lot of free movie apps accessible on the internet that will let people watch and get tv-shows and movies. But they aren’t giving HD versions of these movies. As far as the it concerned, it provides users with the best quality content free of cost and without paying any sort of charges. It has an inventory of HD quality tv shows, neatly arranged into distinct categories like romance, thriller, mystery, and comedy from new to old ones. Also, you can browse with some other category options like featured and top IMDb movies/series. As far as the Tv series are concerned, they're of high quality and accessible only on our official site, and the player given in our app has a very smooth experience. As a bonus, all of the movies/series available on our app have subtitles available. Our application also provides you the option to add your favorite content to your favorite or add your favorite movies/series on your queue list to watch later, which will be accessible across all other devices as well. They are all synced on multiple devices. If you have our official app installed on your android phone/tablet then you’ll have the ability to sync your favorites as well. You will also see an option for Chromecast but this option is only available for our premium members. For now, our application is available only on Android but the IOS version will be added soon.

How It is better than another free streaming platform.

This is unquestionably the most renowned free streaming app. It possesses an overall smooth UI & simple-to-use design. The app is quite easy to use possessing a lot more features offered to the users without paying any subscription charges. It is the best possible choice for paid streaming platforms like the Netflix streaming service. This offers its users thousands of movies, Dramas, and tv shows free of cost. However, you can also purchase our premium membership where you’ll have lots more amazing features besides ad removal. The remarkable features of this in contrast to other free streaming platforms include:

  • No irritating & betting Ads in the app as compared to other free streaming platforms
  • It offers HD video quality videos and additionally allows users to change video sources.
  • It has a good and user-friendly interface.
  • Also, the Subtitles of distinct languages are available.

  • It has a great throng of movies, TV shows, and Tv series which are consistently updated on a regular basis.

Does it have an AD-Free version?

Yes, the it also has an ad-free version. Premium members have countless sensational & amazing features apart from ad removal. There are some super-exciting features for premium members such as:

  • Chromecast to your TV
  • Auto Play episodes and switching them right from the player
  • More filters available for browsing
  • Review Casts option along with more detailed information
Try our Premium version?

We are providing Premium movies having HD Resolution. Regular updates on new Tv shows, series, and movies on daily basis. It is a promising substitute for Disney+, Netflix, & Hulu, etc. More filters available for browsing Chromecast to your TV Auto Play episodes and switching them right from the player The premium interface is intuitive & easy to use and a lot better than the free version. Inexpensive than Netflix and other paid streaming platforms.